Welcome to the UK Carnivore Club! This is a resource site for UK based carnivores just starting out or already following a ZC (Zero Carb) way of eating.

A little bit of basic information about Zero Carb…..

The term Zero Carb is something of a misnomer – we’re a zero plant foods group of people. We eat exclusively from the animal kingdom – that includes meat, fish, shellfish, eggs, offal (only if you like it) and dairy (only if you can tolerate it and FYI, milk is not ZC – too many carbs in the form of lactose).

We don’t eat anything that grows from above or below the ground – no lettuce, avocado, nuts, coconut oil, olive oil – in fact there are NO oils or oleaginous fruits that are ZC – even if they don’t have any carbs.

The closest we get to the vegetable kingdom is in the form of seasonings and condiments. Nope, do not get excited, I don’t mean tomato ketchup, but what’s a devilled egg without a drop of mayo?? Salt, pepper, a clove of garlic, mustard, a pinch of herbs and spices, a splash of Frank’s hot sauce are all acceptable but certainly not optimal.

We don’t eat/drink any sweeteners – no stevia, no monk fruit, no honey, not even the latest rockstar sugar substitute – absolutely nothing sweet at all. Just wait until you taste tap water after a week or so of ZC… No, really!

Lots of ZC followers have graduated from the keto world but the two are very different. ZC means total freedom from counting calories, fat grams, carbohydrate grams and obsessing over macros. ZC couldn’t be more simple – eat the meat you can afford and enjoy, until you’re full and eat again when you’re hungry. Wash it down with water. That’s all there is to it.

Thousands of ZCers drink tea and coffee (with or without double cream) but it really should be drunk after eating up all your meaty goodness so that it doesn’t interfere with or suppress hunger signals. All meals should be based on meat – eggs and dairy are bit players and should be considered as sides to the meat on your plate.

We discourage the use of supplements such as vitamin and mineral pills as you can get all the nutrition you need from meat sources. 

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This is a blog. That fact means nothing.

The content provided here is for informational purposes. It is not a peer-reviewed journal, a final archive of my writing, a sponsored publication, or the product of gate-keeping and editing. That does mean something…it means that while the ideas and thoughts shared here are for the benefit of ZC readers, the writing itself may not be perfectly phrased or grammatically correct. It is essentially as it came from the keyboard using quite often greasy and very slippery fingers from eating meat i.e. : spontaneous, unproofed, unrevised, and corrected afterward only when I have the available time.

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