ZC Life Stories

Welcome to the ZC Life Stories page!

There are a couple of very well documented sites that feature many carnivore success stories. They are linked below and are well worth a visit to read testimonies and discover how a meat-based diet has helped to heal many different health issues:

Meat Heals

Meatheals.com is a fantastic record compiled by Dr Shawn Baker during his quest to bring carnivore eating to the general public and raise it’s profile as actually being good for you and refuting the misguided belief that eating meat will give you a heart attack.

Eat Meat Drink Water

Eat Meat Drink Water or ZeroCarbZen is a well established site that most ZC carnivores know about. There are many testimonials on here from long time carnivores who have turned around their health for the better.


If you would like to be featured on our page and tell your story here on the UK Carnivore Club, then get in touch with your information and you may find yourself as one of our featured ZC friends. You can remain anonymous if you prefer and we can just use your first name or initials.

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