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Here we list useful reviews, information and links for UK based online butchers. If you have tried and tested a good online butcher then please share your recommendations with us.

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Muscle Food: Muscle Food has been around for a while now. It is family owned and has grown in size over recent years. It is a company that is passionate about sports and nutrition. Meat
is responsibly sourced, and meats have no added water, salt or any other additives. They do offer meats that are coated with seasonings or marinated, which is fine as long as you are not sensitive to the ingredients. Loyalty points are available on qualifying purchases or items which you can redeem against future purchases. They deliver throughout the UK, and your scheduled delivery will typically arrive within you just 24 hours of being picked and packed.

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The Meat Man: The Meat Man is a fantastic online butcher where you can source very good quality UK-raised meat. They offer a great range of variety packs that give you a good discount when you want to buy in bulk. Their freezer packs are great value for money too. Look out for their special Tomahawk steak offers – they do these quite often throughout the year at a knockdown price – ideal for us carnivores! You can buy in-store if you live nearby and reserve special offers via their Facebook page. Delivery is available across the country, and they do pack and dispatch meat very quickly. Highly recommended!

The Meat Man offers a 5% discount on your purchase when you use the code Carnivore5.

Campbells Meats is based in Linlithgow, Scotland.  A family business that has been trading for over 100 years. Their beef is all born and raised in Scotland, so you can guarantee high-quality steaks and mince from here. Great service with fast delivery.

Coombe Farm Organic is based in Somerset. They have been trading since the 1940s raising organic beef, pork, lamb and poultry.

Devon Rose Gourmet Meats. Free delivery over £50 or £5 for delivery if under £50. Offers a range of meat boxes with beef, pork, lamb, veal, chicken & duck, game and other seasonal meats.

Fordhall Farm offers organic grass-fed meat and poultry from their community-owned Shropshire farm. Grass-fed beef, lamb and Gloucester Old Spot pork are available throughout the year.

The Great British Meat Co. is a great place to source fresh meat at great prices. They sell in bulk, too, so you can often save money by stocking up your freezer with their special bulk buys. They also have regular special offers and fridge clearances so I would recommend that you sign up for their email alerts as well as like them on Facebook to get notifications of special clearance offers.

Green Pasture Farms are based in Lancashire and are a collective of small, locally-based family farms. They offer ethically bred meat that has been pasture raised on land that uses no herbicides or pesticides.

Hazeldines Butchers are based in Stockport, Cheshire. They have a traditional butcher shop where they offer great special deals and their special ‘butcher wraps’ for which they are famous. They offer next-day delivery across the UK. They do excellent Christmas meat hampers with delicious homemade sausages.

Tom Hixon is based in Smithfield Market, London. They offer deliveries across the UK. The source is from the UK and overseas.

Keevil and Keevil are another Smithfield-based butchers that offer an online service. They source a lot of meat directly from farmers and small producers and import some of the finest meats from around the world.

Live Lean is a relatively new company that sources high-quality meats from the UK and overseas.

Lobbs Farm Shop is based in Heligan, Cornwall. Based on three farming brothers who each supply their farm produce for sale through their farm shop and online.

Mettricks Butchers source all their meats from farms within the Peak District, so they know you are getting high-quality pastured meat.

Rooks online are based in Kent, with 11 shops in operation. They source British meats and deliver them all over the country.

World of Meat is based in West Yorkshire. Offering British grass-fed meat from a 3rd generation local farm.

Taylor Meats, Herne Bay. A great family business that supplies British meat through their butchers’ shops and online. Great bargains to be had, but I would make sure you save up to place a large order to make it worth the delivery costs as their courier delivery service is a bit steep at £7.95 when compared to others at around the £5 delivery mark. I will be buying from here again!

(10th October) Had my Taylor meats delivery today 😊 have to say that I am impressed! Everything was well packed with care, and the quality looks great! I got 10 pounds of streaky bacon for £20. 5 pounds of pork belly strips for £10. Pork ribs 3 trays for £10. And 4 8oz rib eye steaks for £10. They even gave me a pack of seasoning mix for free. Won’t use that, though, because it is loaded with wheat flour. Bargain!

High Farndale Sheep

High Farndale is an excellent source for free-range pork, free-range/dry cured bacon and pasture-fed hogget all delivered to your door and ready to cook. A lovely small-scale farmer that raises his stock naturally and sells direct to the public. His hogget is wonderful and is highly recommended!

Delicious High Farndale Hogget

Fordhall Organic Farm is a fantastic community-owned farm on the outskirts of Market Drayton in North Shropshire.  The farm has a fantastic backstory, and it’s well worth reading about their history and the fight they put up to keep the farm going.

I placed an order for one of their Paleo meat boxes that include bones, offal and different cuts of beef and lamb. They do say on their website that what you pay is an approximate price according to availability and weight, so what I had delivered was far less expensive than I was expecting. However, the reason for the lower price was that they were unable to supply everything I ordered.
So what was missing? Firstly, there was no 1/4 beef heart in the Paleo box, which I was sad about because I like hearts.
I also ordered 2 kg of beef fat trimmings and 2 kg of pork fat trimmings on top of the box, but only got the beef trimmings – however, I did get way over 2 kg, so I am not complaining about that 🙂
There were no stock bones either in the box, but luckily I still had some in the freezer from Coombe Farm to use up, so was not bothered about that.
The meat itself came well packed in a cardboard box lined with wool (so much better than poly boxes) and was lovely and chilled.
Everything was labelled really well, so there is no playing the ‘guess the cut’ game (thanks to the Meat Man).
The meat itself looks absolutely superb! It’s a community-owned farm, and everything is 100% pasture fed, and it looks like it too!

Fordhall meat pack

Rosewood Farm
We don’t believe in diverting human food to animals – that’s inefficient. Our cattle and sheep live solely on our own native pasture – all but 10 acres of our grassland is part of the remaining 3% of unimproved pasture left in Britain, and we see it as vital to preserving it.

Beautiful Dexter beef


The Dorset Meat Company

Exmoor Meat Boxes

Farmison & Co

Green Pastures Farms

Grid Iron Meat & charcuterie


Manor Organic Farm Shop


Peelham Farm 

Primal Meats

Scott Brothers Butchers

The Wensleydale Butcher

Wild Game Meat

Smith & Lynch

Manor Organic Farm

Paleo Canteen is a Scottish company that supplies grass-fed beef and lamb sourced from Scottish farms.

Do you have a great farmer producer or butcher delivery service that you can recommend? Message their details to be added to the list.

Veyseys Butchers, Devon. Nice selection of meats sourced within a 30-mile radius of their shop.

Wild Isles the Outer Hebrides Bone Broth: From cattle reared on crofts, machair and moors.

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