Jordan Peterson, carnivore

Another great post by Huw. I think that as more prominent and well-known people take up this way of eating, the benefits of it will reach more people that need to know about it. Anything that can dispel the old fad low fat diet and set people on a better course is good in my book.


Why is everyone fat and stupid?‘ asks tell-it-like-it-is-don’t-hold-back academic Jordan Peterson in an interview about the massive changes that carnivory has brought to his life. (The answer appears to be, ‘because they don’t eat ZC’).

So Jordan Peterson, dashing anti-PC (political correctness, not Windows-based computers) intellectual, clinical psychologist-turned-media-darling (or ogre, depending on your politics) recently did an interview about his move to carnivory. It’s a fascinating interview, as you’d expect from Mr P, and I’ll use this blog post to sum it up and get an angle on it, in case you haven’t watched it yet.

Anyway, to begin with, why is it worth repeating the advocacy for ZC from this man? Because he has 1 million+ subscribers to his YT channel, and has clocked up over 50 million views of his videos, that’s why. He may not be a household name (no one else in my household…

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