How To Make MEGA Carnivore Pigs In Blankets

Pigs in blankets are a traditional British Christmas food consisting of small sausages wrapped in streaky or back bacon. They are typically made with chipolata-style sausages, but you can use other sausages as long as you source the cleanest ones possible.

You can ask your local butcher if they make their own sausages. Most traditional butchers still make their own sausages on-site, so they may be happy to accommodate your needs if you ask for pure pork sausages with no added fillers as long as you buy a large enough quantity to make it worth their while.

If you love sausages, they can be one of the most difficult things to give up on a carnivore diet. Typically, British sausages are only around 50 to 60 per cent meat, with the rest comprising fillers such as wheat flour, rusk or potato flour.

We always say to do the best you can when sourcing sausages, and most UK supermarkets make their own at between 90 to 98 per cent meat with added pork fat, herbs and spices making up the difference.

However, if you really cannot tolerate added ingredients in your sausages, you could always make your own! You can buy home sausage-making kits from eBay and Amazon. Many Zero Carb Carnivore UK Facebook group members have successfully made some delicious homemade sausages.

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Pork Scratchings Vs Pork Crunch on The Carnivore Diet

If there is one question we get asked more than others from people new to the carnivore diet is about good animal-based snacks to eat. While veteran carnivores don’t tend to recommend snacking between meals, snacking can often be a hard habit to break for new carnivores, especially if they have been doing it for decades before going Zero Carb.

The general advice about snacking on Zero Carb is to eat enough at each meal to prevent you from feeling hungry between meals. However, it may not be hunger that is driving your desire to snack but rather the habit of being used to eating every couple of hours, which is a hard thing to break.

After a while of eating ZC, you will tend to find your desire to snack will gradually diminish, especially once you become completely fat-adapted. Not spending time and money consuming snacks is also easy on your purse or wallet.

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Zero Carb Brown Butter Bacon Bites

These savoury brown butter bacon bites are perfect for anyone following a high-fat carnivore diet and combine two delicious carnivore treats – brown butter and bacon bits!

The recipe is simple and uses only two ingredients – bacon bits and butter, but the one extra thing you need for this recipe is patience. It takes a while to cook down the bacon bits to release its fat and crisp up the little pieces.

You then need even more patience to stand and stir the melted butter until it browns. But the results are worth it, and the brown butter bacon bites can be frozen in a zip-lock bag and taken out individually when you need one or two to go with your meal.

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