Which deaths are worse? (Warning: might make you sad).

Huw has completely nailed the argument about creatures that die for our food. Spot on!


Causing death seems to be a major argument against carnivory. Oh no, a lovely little lamb is being killed. This is cruel, callous and murderous. I want no part of it so I’ll be a vegan forever, and no creature will ever, ever die so that I can be fed. Blood is shed, the cute creatures have fear in their eyes, some of the cows even cry in terror just before they are slaughtered. I can live happily and well and be strong on beansprouts and soy milk.

Causing death is one the major arguments against a plant-based diet. Look, look at those soy crops. Stretching out as far as the eye can see. Right to the horizon. All that land, that precious, rolling, ancient land, has been drained of life: cauterised, sterilised, homogenised.

Instead of a rich topsoil, teeming with so much life and fertility that it…

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7 portions of secret meat info

Great information Huw. Glad that we don’t (as yet) have meat glue in the UK. Gah!


I’m an idiot when it comes to meat. An ignorant, overcautious lout. A pan of minced beef cooked in lard or dripping is fine for me. Most of my pre-zerocarb adult (brainwashed) life was a steak-free and red meat-free zone, so I struggle not to default to mince and bacon and eggs as my staples. (I used to think that the pepperoni on a pizza was the unhealthy bit!)

However, what’s sauce for me isn’t necessary sauce for you. (I’m not going to discuss eating goose meat – it gives me gooseflesh. You can PayPal donations for that joke to my email address on request). I thought I’d have a hunt around to see if I could find a few interesting or little-known portions of knowledge about meat so we can all broaden our horizons.

1 – secret burger ingredient: bone marrow. Ask your butcher for beef legs sawn…

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Saturated Fat is Good For You!

Yes, you read that right! Saturated fat is good for you and there has been a lot of recent studies that have helped to dispel the old-fashioned myths created by the food industry to push a high carb, low-fat diet (which has seen metabolic disease skyrocket over the past 30 to 40 years) while turning people away in droves from eating meat, eggs and saturated fats.

This is a fabulous infographic on the subject – a link to the source article is listed below too!





Full article : 9 Reasons Saturated Fat is Good For You!

Infographic attribution:  https://nutritionadvance.com 

Five things wrong with calorie-counting.

‘Calorie counting is code for calorie reducing. (not insulin reducing). ‘ Well said Huw!
A fantastic post that explains why CICO doesn’t matter.


We Zcers are only human. Most of us have wanted, or still want, to lose a little or a lot of the excess baggage. Many of us have tried the conventional CICO (calories in, calories out) approach, as espoused by WeightWatchers TM, most doctors, some academics, many reality TV shows, and my mum.

Then people try ‘keto’, or IF (intermittent fasting), or a combination of both or even, gasp, ZC, and as their eyes fall upon their scales, the scales fall from their eyes. I’ll give you a moment to appreciate the pyrotechnic brilliance of that last bit of wordplay.

OK, back to it. Reducing or eliminating carbohydrate from your diet is what will bring about long term weight loss. It’s ironic that many, many people desirous of fighting the flab use exercise as their first port of call, when it is more likely to have the wrong…

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Is it ok to change your mind about vegetables?

Yes, yes and yes again! It is OK to change your mind about vegetables!


Do you live in, and respond to, a world as it is? Or do you carry on as if you are in a world as you would like it to be? The former requires clarity of thought and integrity. A bit of mental toughness. The latter stems from a reluctance to accept reality.

At certain points, you get a stark choice: look at the evidence, see the facts, and alter or choose your behaviour accordingly, or turn a blind eye to the evidence and facts and logic itself, and find a way to justify continuing with one’s faith or ideology, what one WANTS to be true.

This is a constant in life. A conflict between how feel about ourselves, how we construct our identities, and the harsh realities of the world.

This must happen with religion all the time as one grows up; it certainly happened to me…

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Vegan pork pies #3: soy for longevity

More reasons to avoid soy – despite it being touted as a health food! Another great post from Huw.


Third in this occasional series on vegan pork pies (lies) is this: soy consumption equals longevity. This is still commonly found around the Internetz: a website about super-aging has a section on the Okinawans. ‘Eat more soy,’ it says, as a key to longevity. And it is via the Japanese island of Okinawa that this vegan myth, helped along by the pro-vegan food writer John Robbins, emanates. Centenarians run, or used to run, at 34 per 100,000 people there. In the far less sub-tropical, far more stressful, post-industrial hellhole that is the UK, the current rate of centenarians is, by my calculation, around 23 per 100,000. Okinawans, it is said – mainly by vegans, of course – eat lots of soy products, and this is why they tend to live so long. Robbins has asserted that Okinawans eat 12% of their calories as soy, but it turns…

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Seventh Day Adventists at it again

Another good insight by Huw to help dismiss another very vague non-science based study by a religion with their own plant-based bias.


Low-carb advocates Belinda Fettke and Dr Georgia Edes have recently brought to our attention another piece of pro-vegan, anti-meat propaganda flouncing round digital media poorly disguised as a scientific study.

The study is also nasty piece of scaremongering worthy of the Daily Mail. Its conclusion strapline is:

‘Adolescents who consume a diet high in saturated fats may develop poor stress coping skills, signs of post-traumatic stress disorder as adults.’ Sat fats give teenagers PTSD – that’s quite a claim, isn’t it?

Sometimes, when I tell someone that a large majority of nutrition science over the past 100 years or so is ALL WRONG, they usually give me a pitying look. I am nobody (true); how could I know better than The Trusted Scientific Community, which must be correct (untrue).

This study is such a perfect example of how we’re being lied to for ulterior gains that I wish everyone who…

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Jordan Peterson, carnivore

Another great post by Huw. I think that as more prominent and well-known people take up this way of eating, the benefits of it will reach more people that need to know about it. Anything that can dispel the old fad low fat diet and set people on a better course is good in my book.


Why is everyone fat and stupid?‘ asks tell-it-like-it-is-don’t-hold-back academic Jordan Peterson in an interview about the massive changes that carnivory has brought to his life. (The answer appears to be, ‘because they don’t eat ZC’).

So Jordan Peterson, dashing anti-PC (political correctness, not Windows-based computers) intellectual, clinical psychologist-turned-media-darling (or ogre, depending on your politics) recently did an interview about his move to carnivory. It’s a fascinating interview, as you’d expect from Mr P, and I’ll use this blog post to sum it up and get an angle on it, in case you haven’t watched it yet.

Anyway, to begin with, why is it worth repeating the advocacy for ZC from this man? Because he has 1 million+ subscribers to his YT channel, and has clocked up over 50 million views of his videos, that’s why. He may not be a household name (no one else in my household…

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Dairy, dairy, quite contrary

Blessed are the cheesemakers! Or are they really? An interesting viewpoint by Huw about the need for dairy in our diet.


Dairy, dairy, quite contrary,

how does your biome grow?

With bunged-up guts or constant trots

and toilet rolls all in a row.

With all the bad press grains (rightly) get for having been so recently assimilated into the human diet, relatively speaking, it’s easy to forget that dairy has been a regular for only about the same length of time, in the region of 10,000 years.

So can the arguments against grains – we haven’t evolved to eat them, we flourished and thrived for millions of years without them, we only tolerate them at best but ultimately they make us ill, etc – equally be applied to dairy? Should we drink milk? Should we eat cheese? And who are ‘we’ exactly? If you’re of old European stock, the answer might not be the same as if you’re of, say, Vietnamese extraction.

In the 1970s, archaeologists excavating a Stone…

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Zero carb weight loss: muscle, fat or water?

Another fine post from Huw. It just shows how much negative dogma is still carried forward in the world of food and nutrition and how impossibly hard it can be to shake it off.


A common concern amongst beginner ZCers – and also a sneer at them from the plantatarians – is that the weight lost on a zero-carb/LCHF way of eating is mainly water and muscle.

The continued existence of this myth – which I could easily have devoted a ‘Vegan Pork Pie’ to – is down to the ‘victory of dogma over data‘ as Messrs Volek and Phinney put it. For example, a scientist may design a study to run for two weeks, knowing full well that if it ran for, say, six weeks the results would not look the way they wanted them to look. Or a scientist may choose not to publish ’embarrassing data’, fairly safe in the knowledge that for the most part peer-reviewers won’t go the extra mile and join the dots.

So bad science can turn into misinformation that in turn becomes woven into…

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