Zero Carb For Healing and Good Health

As most seasoned ZC followers already know, Zero Carb is mainly focused on healing and re-balancing our system rather than as a tool for weight loss.

This is an important point that cannot be emphasized enough to people that are new to ZC and are wanting to try it purely for weight loss purposes.

No one explains this better than someone who is living the Zero Carb lifestyle for those health benefits. To demonstrate this, here is a wonderful interview conducted with Amber O’Hearn (pictured above), a lovely lady who turned to Zero Carb after a 20-year struggle with depression and bipolar disorder.

It is interesting to note that Amber originally turned to an all-meat diet in 2009 to help her lose weight, but also found some incredible healing along the way too. I think this is important to bear in mind. Many people using ZC for weigh loss purposes often find that niggling little health issues that they have been putting up with or ignoring for a long time suddenly start to greatly reduce or disappear.

You can read the interview here

Amber also has her own website: Empirica, which is a fantastic source of information and inspiration for all those still learning about ZC and wanting to know more about Amber and the long term effects of this diet on our health.

You can also watch Amber give a talk here on optimal weaning.


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