Zero Carb Chicken Strippers

Here is a quick and easy recipe that the whole family will love, especially kids who like things like McDonald’s chicken nuggets or Chicken Strippers from Domino’s Pizza.

As you know, most chicken nuggets or strippers are coated with batter or breadcrumbs, which are a complete no-no. Instead, these simple and tasty chicken strippers use crushed pork scratchings, or pork rinds as they are called in the US.

These chicken strippers turn out really tasty with a moist chicken centre coated with a crispy coating that adds a lovely crunch. Much tastier than their SUK (Standard UK) comparisons.

Ingredients: (scale these up or down to suit your needs)

2 x large fresh chicken breasts, cut into strips or bitesize nuggets
2 x packets of good quality pork scratchings
1 x beaten egg
50 g grated hard cheese (Parmesan etc.)
1 or two tsp(s) ground paprika
Salt and ground black pepper to taste

Grind the pork scratchings in a food processor, or place in a plastic bag wrapped in a tea towel and bash to death with a rolling pin, until you get a fine crumb consistency. Place crumbs into a mixing bowl.

Mix the scratching crumbs with the grated hard cheese, paprika, salt and pepper.

Take each piece of chicken and dip into the beaten egg, then generously coat with the crumb mix until well covered.

Place coated chicken pieces well spaced out onto a baking tray lined with parchment or baking paper, or place on a rack in your halogen oven, and bake at 200c for about 20 to 25 mins until the chicken is cooked through. Cooking time will depend on the thickness of your chicken pieces.

Serve hot with your favourite ZC dipping sauce.

Variations: You can change things up a bit by adding in dried herbs to the scratching mix to give a more savoury herb flavour to your coating, or spice it up by adding a few drops of Franks Hot Sauce to the beaten egg, or substituting the paprika for chilli powder or Piri Piri spices.

I tend to favour the Awfully Posh pork scratchings because they have no added sugar and they are fried in their own pig fat. Many brands of scratchings have added sugar within their flavourings and also use vegetable oil for cooking. Check labels before you buy any other brand if you are unsure.

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