From hardcore vegetarian to Recovered Meat Eater

John Nicholson was a hardcore vegetarian for twenty-six long years. So what changed? Well, John began to question his diet and despite being the poster-boy for so called ‘healthy-eating’, he found his health steadily declining until he became really ill.

In his book, The Meat Fix, John tells the story of how 26 years of healthy eating nearly killed him and how his diet of brown rice, lentils, tofu, fruits, vegetables, low fat and low cholesterol veganism actually resulted in some chronic health conditions, including mental and physical exhaustion, chronic IBS, high cholesterol and joint pain.

At his wits end with his poor health, John took a drastic step. He decided to eat meat – lots of meat! Not only was he going against all that the medical media was saying and the current healthy eating diet advice, he had to face up to the fact that eating this way wasn’t going to leave him guilt-free either.

Despite his early reservations, the results were truly spectacular with him reporting positive changes within as little as twenty-four hours of eating meat once again.

It seems like the body wants what the body wants, and after a year back on the meat bandwagon, he truly felt like he had become a whole new person. After twenty-six years of vegetarianism, he felt human once again as his health had been utterly transformed for the better.

Fantastic for him, you may think to yourself. But there was something else that John had to overcome. The fact that for twenty-six long years he had effectively been lied to. He had been duped. He was told to eat foods that were detrimental to his health. He was more than angry about the fact that he had succumbed his health to something that was nothing more than illusion and hard marketing.

This is a great account of one man’s journey along the path of healing and self-improvement whilst discovering research that debunks everything we have been told about healthy eating through standard government guidelines.

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