Zero Carb Beef and Turkey Meatza à la Rachel

Here is a nice variation for Zero Carb Meatza from Rachel over at the Zero Carb UK facebook page.

For her recipe she wanted to shake things up a bit as her teenage son asked to start eating more like his mother. Here Rachel explains how to make two meatzas, one using a turnkey mince base and the other using beef mince:

Basic recipe:
To 500g minced meat base I added an egg, some salt or half a teaspoon of onion salt, and about a cup of grated cheese.
I baked the bases at 190c for 20 mins.

The turkey base needs to be in a well greased pan or a frying pan.
Then I topped them, one with with peperoni, the other with chopped steak and crispy bacon, then loads of cheese.

Put back in the oven again for 15 mins to melt the cheese until bubbling and starting to brown.

Looks lovely Rachel. Thanks for the recipe!


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